OUR BOOKBINDERY was founded in 1858. In this time since then, we have gained lots of experience  in This field. We produce Products mostly With help of paper, cardboard, and paperboard. We have gained acclaimation for our products including the Stockholm Exhibition in 1866 and the World Exhibition in Paris 1889.  Our craftsmen has also in the modern age, made there marks in competitions and Exhibitions, at home and abroad.


COVER PAPER This paper is hand marbled, an ancient decorative technique are kept alive. Boiling a bath of “irish moss” an alginate that grows in the sea off Ireland. Earth Colour tones mixed with ox bile dripped on the property and shaped in pattern with rakes, brushes and wooden sticks.

LEATHER  are purchased from  European manufacturers, as these uses animals with less insect bites, sun damage and open air grazing with shepherds instead of thorns like enclosure. The vegetation and growing conditions also provide a better product. All the Leathers are anelin or semianelin tanned. We use leather from mainly goats but we have leather from cattle, sheep, buffalo, seals and acquiring second skin also on order.

ENDPAPER  Ingress , offset , elephant hide  , and coloured Paper are some of the Papers that are used for Endpapers. (This is the Papers that are glued on the inside of the cover, on to the fist page of the book Block.)

METAL PRODUCTS Various metal items used for menus, binders, fittings for boxes and corners for books.  Rubber cords braided for menus in multiple colors and mechanisms for ring binders. Penn holders for orderboards. Rivets for boxes, Binding Screws are delivered in nickel and brass colors. If We don`t have it, we can order it to Your needs.


The process

HAND SEWING  This is a technique to keep the sheets in the book  together. After the sheets are folded and gathered to sections,  they are sewn together to form the book block. This can be done by hand or by machine with larger editions.

FAN-BINDING If the pages can not be sewn together, they will be fan-bonded. This is often done on periodicals to be collected together into a book. This is a method that we have used for years with great results. We use glues with different characteristics for the different purposes.

PREPARING OF THE LEATHER The Leather  is processed before it is put on the cover. Here thinned the edges, this is called paring. Its done with special paringknives to get smooth transitions. After this the Leather is pasted  on the cover along with the cover paper.

DECORATION of the cover can occur in many ways. With embossing in gold,silver or other colors if desired, the choice is yours. Leather onlays, blind tooling and many other techniques are also used.

GOLD EDGES made by Gold leaflets on the edges of the paper.


Main Services

BOOKS We bind all kinds of books from protocols to art books for local authorities and central governments. A guestbook for your Yacht, Winery,  Logde, or to the cabin as a personal Cabin log by your choice and ideas. Fish Protocols, magazines or newspapers you collect. Notebooks, photo album, or you need a bottle book to a good friend. You name it, we make it.

REPAIR of books, folders and boxes are some of the things we really doing well. Need your grandmother’s favorite Bible renovation? We are at your service.

BOXES Du you want special boxes in special sizes and design? We make boxes for books or other Products. We are here to help you.

FOLDERS Plantfolders, Graphics folders, Architect folders, Note folders and Flap folders produced on Your request. Diploma Folders for a honorable member, or as a greeting to the aspiring pensioner? Contact us, we are here for you.

MENUS to restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses we produce in short-run and in a multitude of possibilities. Strange formats and designs we will  find a solution. Should you need  invitations to send out for your wedding or a book for the gift list / Guest book, we can fix that too.

BINDERS keeps track of your paperwork. Smaller or larger size non-standard?  We can make it for you.  From 1 pc. and upwards.